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Charge your EV with your PV!
OLEV approved.


Our intelligent electric vehicle charger is the first of its kind. This smart device enables you to charge your electric car with surplus energy.



It has 3 charge modes, the cleverest being our ECO & ECO+ modes, which maximise the effectiveness of your microgeneration system. You can charge your car with surplus energy, enjoy a full graphic display and view listings of your savings from date of installation.



zappi can also sense when economy/cheaper tariff’s are available ensuring you get the cheapest charge possible. 



If you don’t yet have solar panels or a wind turbine, zappi will still benefit you in lots of ways. Whichever charge mode used, zappi will dynamically alter the charge rate as and when appliances are turned on and off in the home, ideal if there are any electrical supply restrictions. The eco-smart functionality of zappi will start saving you money from the very first charge.

ZAPPI datasheet.pdf